Financial Aid Policy

In appropriate circumstances, the Band can offer financial assistance to members and subs who might otherwise be unable to participate in out-of-town events for financial reasons. There is no prescribed form for requesting financial assistance because the Board’s policy is to handle such requests informally. Requests for financial aid should include the following information:

1. How much and what kind of financial aid is needed to allow the band member or sub to participate in the event (e.g., transportation, lodging, meals); and

2. A description of the circumstances that make it appropriate for the Band to provide the assistance requested (e.g., unemployment, insufficient income or savings, extraordinary expenses).

Requests for financial assistance are confidential and will not be disclosed except on a need-to-know basis.

To conserve the Band’s financial resources, the Board prefers to offer financial assistance in a form that minimizes cash outlays. For example, the board would favor relieving a member or sub from sharing the cost of a charter bus or arranging for shared lodging rather than paying for a single room or paying for meals.

Requests for financial assistance must be made and approved in writing (an e-mail from someone with knowledge of the request is sufficient). The President, in consultation with the Treasurer, may act on all such requests up to the limit of their existing spending authority without specific Board approval and will inform the person making the request of the action taken. Other persons, including the Musical Director, who need to know of the action taken should be informed promptly. The Treasurer shall report the aggregate amount of financial assistance awarded to the Board as a part of the routine treasurer’s report, yet maintaining the confidentiality of the person or persons having made the request.

Adopted by the Board January 23, 2017.

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