Rockville Brass Band Recruitment SOP

  1. Filling Vacancies
    1. “Vacancies” are identified by the Musical Director in consultation with the relevant Section Leader.
    2. Once a vacancy is identified, the President will identify candidates to fill it.
    3. If an Active Alternate is available to fill a vacancy, the Active Alternate will be given preference over other candidates.
    4. Board Members, including the Musical Director, and regular band participants, may recommend candidates to fill vacancies.
    5. Vacancies may be advertised. Potential sources for candidates include:
      1. Social media, including Facebook and Twitter
      2. Websites, including the band’s own website
      3. Instrument-specific message boards
      4. Local music stores (L&L music, Levine School of Music, Baltimore Brass, Pritchard Music, etc.)
    6. The President, or his or her designee, will invite candidates to audition in accordance with the Audition SOP.
  2. Other Opportunities When No Relevant Vacancy Exists
    1. Experienced and/or qualified musicians who express interest in joining RBB when no relevant vacancy exists may be invited by the Musical Director (in consultation with the relevant Section Leaders) to participate in regular rehearsals of the band, and where appropriate (accounting for ensemble balance and size) in concerts of the full band, or in small ensembles of the band. These musicians may be designated as Active Alternates or Substitutes.
      1. Players will become Active Alternates with the concurrence of the Musical Director and relevant Section Leaders once they have completed a provisional audition consisting of successfully participating in a minimum of two band rehearsals. Should a relevant vacancy be identified later, the Active Alternate will be given preference in filling it in accordance with Section 1 of this SOP.
      2. Experienced and/or qualified players identified above who do not wish to undertake a provisional audition as described above or to participate as an Active Alternate may be added to a list of Substitutes and may be invited by the Musical Director, Section Leaders, or another designee of the band to participate in rehearsals or performances from time to time as needed.
    2. Less experienced or younger players may be given the opportunity to participate in rehearsals or performances, at the discretion of the Musical Director in consultation with the relevant Section Leader, for the purpose of developing their skills in accordance with the Development Player SOP. Such players should be apprised of the Band’s Participation by Minors policy if applicable.
  3. When No Vacancy or Other Opportunities Exist
    1. When no vacancy or other opportunity exists, the President, or his or her designee, should timely respond to the person expressing interest. The following template may be used for this purpose:

      Dear xxxxxxx,

      Thank you for your inquiry about joining the Rockville Brass Band. Unfortunately, we do not have any openings in the xxxx section at this time. [However, we do have openings in xxxx section if you would like to audition on that instrument(s). Or,] We do have an active wait-list/substitute list. Would you like your name to be added to that list?

      Thank you for your interest,


      CC: Section leader, musical director, president/band manager

Adopted by the Board October 18, 2017.